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About Me

Jason Liversidge

Owner, Chilli Designs

I have worked in IT all of my life, and I’ve been creating websites for individuals and businesses for years. I think the biggest change came when people could edit their own websites instead of waiting for a developer to do it for them.

But, where do I start? Well, early on, while working for a pub company, which wasn’t a bad start straight out of education, I realised that I loved working with computers. Not only that, but I discovered that I had a natural ability to work equally successfully with both IT professionals and those with less experience.

Working with HSBC, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank in London, England not only gave me the opportunity to work with some of the best people in the industry, but enabled me to refine my skills on delivering top class work in a high-pressure environment. But it wasn’t all about working with large corporations. Working with landscapers, real estate agents, shop owners and recruiters gave me the understanding of what it takes to run those smaller businesses.

So why WordPress?

I’ve used many systems over the years, and I’ve concluded that WordPress had the right combination of scale, flexibility, staying power and ease of use that enables the creation of professional websites in a fraction of the time it takes to code a site from nothing. All of this benefits you as you get your website faster, it looks amazing, it has the functionality you need, it’s easier to use, and of course it’s cheaper than it used to be to build one!