Cugino Homes

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Cugino Homes is a construction company based in Victoria. The owner of the company was born and raised on the island and was looking to marry the west coast feel, with the vibrant green in his logo. The site itself is pretty straightforward, except that the team pages and the project pages have both been … Read more

Hold your visitor’s attention with animation

In recent years there has been a rise in micro-animations using the facilities available within your browser. As browsers become more powerful, and uniform in how they display a page, it’s easier than ever to animate your page to keep your visitor’s attention.

Make your website work for you, not against you!

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I’m building a website for a tattoo artist, and looking around at the competition, I’ve found a large number of them with websites that are actively discouraging visitors from becoming customers. If you’re not getting the visitors you want, even though you are advertising your services on Google and Facebook, maybe your site is to blame.

Creating a Background Video with Elementor

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Sometimes it’s useful to have a video playing in the background of an Elementor section. You can take your URL from anywhere, or you can upload it to your own server. In the example below, I downloaded a short video from Pixabay , And uploaded it to a different server. To use it as a background, … Read more