Expiration Scams followup

Keep an eye on your money
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Expiration scam followup - the messages can come thick and fast, make sure that you have the right information on hand to know that the demand for money is fraudulent.

A few days ago I wrote about what to do if you receive a letter from iDNS. Since then I’ve had a number of emails like the one below. This person doesn’t even pretend to provide a service, and the email should be deleted.

Final Reminder: Domain cancellation notice

Notice#: 787271763

Date: 09.05.2018

Chilli Designs

My Address

Dear Jason Liversidge,

Your domain .com registration is pending. Failure to complete this order by 09.13.2018 may result in the cancellation of this notification (making it difficult for your customers to locate you, using search websites on the web).

Secure Online Payment <http://Fraudster’s website address>


Unlike <http://Fraudster’s website address>  from this newsletter.

<http://Fraudster’s website address.jpg>

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