A number of different technologies are used to create your website, and they are all best in class.


Your content Management System will be WordPress. Over 60 million websites are running on WordPress right now! It’s not only the number one choice for bloggers, and small businesses, but plenty of big brand name businesses are also using the platform. Examples include eBay, Sony, Samsung and the New York Times.

WordPress is the technology that gives you the ability to edit your own website after it’s been built.


WordPress is nothing without its themes, and here at Chilli Designs I use GeneratePress as a basis for my one day builds. It’s clean, it’s fast, it’s been downloaded over a million times, and it has been written here on Vancouver Island.


So I have WordPress and GeneratePress as my theme, the other part of the software puzzle is the page builder. This piece of software is what allows me to create your websites in a day. Just a few of the benefits are: it allows me to create responsive pages that work on computers, tablets and phones, it removes the need to code pages by hand, it is extendable, and it allows me to quickly put together beautiful, flexible pages.


If you are looking for hosting, I use Siteground. Based out of the USA, Siteground is a very highly regarded hosting company that specializes in WordPress installations. 

If you are thinking of using GoDaddy, send me an email, you may be payming more for your hosting than you need to.


You might have heard that WordPress has problems with security. Well, every website can have security problems – some huge companies such as Yahoo and Adobe have had issues in the past. While it’s impossible to guarantee that a website will never have any problems with security, the right thing to do is to put in place proper security and backups.

The websites I create all use the free version of the Webfence security software. This software can be used to stop brute force attacks on your website, it includes a firewall, and if includes advanced manual blocking.

A premium version with even more features is available.

Depending on the hosting company, backups are usually set up with your host. If this isn’t possible, then another backup solution can be used.