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4 Week Program homepage

Marketing Funnel

The Brief

This was a straight forward marketing funnel or landing page, the only unusual factor was that it had to be turned around in super-fast time. I’ve worked with the client before, and they already had the content available. This, and the fact that I could fit it in to my schedule, was crucial for the build.

The Build

Even though the turnaround was to be within a couple of days, the design and build had to have the same high professional standards that I apply to other builds. In this case I used WordPress as usual, and the Elementor page builder to a prototype site before ‘colouring in’ and adding the images and micro-animations that makes the site sing.

Keeping it simple, the 4 week program is a single page website with a strict hierarchy of information. The overview being at the top, and the detail building as the visitor scrolls down, culminating in the purchase form at the bottom.

Online Payments

It’s overkill to use an e-commerce solution to create a website that will be selling just the one product. A lightweight solution was needed, and I found this is in WP Simple Pay. This WordPress plugin has been around a long time and was featured in a number of blogs and podcasts aimed at WordPress professionals. Its great reviews and regular updates meant that I could trust the plugin’s author and install with confidence.

Contact me

Contact me if you would like to find out more about this, or if you’d like talk about your project.

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