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The identified audience was affluent, time poor, and on the move. If the buyers were arriving from Calgary or elsewhere, then they would be looking at the website on their phones and tablets in hotel rooms
A fast loading, responsive, single page brochure site was the best way of achieving the brief. Although there would be a menu available to move to discrete sections of the page, the entire site could be viewed by scrolling up and down.


The price of oil was tanking, and therefore, so was the Calgarian economy. Many of the people buying at the upper end of the Fernie, BC housing market are from Calgary, so buyers were drying up. Putting a property on the market during a particularly tough time meant that interest was lower than expected.
The brief was to quickly create a online brochure website that would showcase the property and therefore increase interest. Discrete sections were identified in the menu enabling access with a single tap.
In the end, very few houses sold in the difficult market, so there was a stir when the property sold some time later. Word was that it was the only house in that price bracket sold that month.


It took an hour to complete the initial staging and photography. Then, the resulting photographs were colour balanced and edited the same afternoon for insertion into the site.
In some cases HDR or high dynamic range processed photos were used to give an indication of the view from the window.
Real estate brochure - photos extract

On the Road

Real Estate Brochure Website - Google Maps extract

The site linked to the MLS listing for the house gave the prospective clients extra information. The page also contained a map to guide them to the house for viewings.

It was essential to give prospective clients all of the information they need as other houses competing for their attention were also available at that time.

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