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Union Strategy-home page

Digital Marketing Company

The Challenge

Union Strategy is a digital marketing organisation that is making waves in their home city and abroad. They have been doing so well that they have not had time to put a website together.

The Project

After contacting me, I provided the owner with an initial questionnaire that focused on:

  • the positioning of the organisation within the market place.
  • the organisation’s competitors
  • the benefits of the new website to both the organisation and their clients.

Website in a Day


Following a discovery conversation, the organisation used the website checklist to help guide them through their content creation and acquisition.

In this case, the content included work done on page layouts by an external graphic designer

Build Day

Because of the work completed up front, the build day went like clockwork. 

  • 9:00am – initial meeting to discuss the work and provide the timetable for the day. 
  • 11:30am – review of the prototype page structures.
  • 3:00pm – preliminary review of the home pages.
  • 5:00pm – second review of home page and inner pages.
  • 6:30pm – sign-off of the completed website.
The success of the build was due to clear communications and the client’s ability to both get the content together and make himself available on the day.


The client identified audience for the website is technology aware, and as likely to be accessing the site from a device as from a laptop.
Chilli Designs sites are responsive, so are able to reconfigure to ensure that they look great no matter what device accesses them.


Website in a Day: Marketing Consultant

Contact me

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